New Job at Status

You know my motto: Embrace Change. Simply because the world is allways changing and sometimes it affects me too. This time it due to the hard work of recruiters.

Since it’s hard to get experienced IT personal here in Germany I often got calls or mails by people asking me if I want to change. This year it’s extreme. I created a list with all offers and so far it’s almost one per business day. Most are simply stupid, by recruiters only looking for keywords but not checking how my roles and technologies changed over the years or how important staying at my hometown is to me. Sometimes it sounds really crazy, like becoming a Solutions Architect in Abu Dhabi. But no, that’s not mine.

In the middle of the year it became different. Almost simultaneously I’ve been contacted by two recruiters leading me to interesting new positions. Both had been in the fascinating world of blockchains in general and Ethereum in special. And also both have been remote. Sadly my region - beautiful as it is - is pretty slow in adopting innovative technology. I’ve seen it once with data analytics, later with clouds, and today with blockchains. So being remotely is a real benefit for both positions and after some discussion and talking about details I decided to sign my contract at Status. Here we follow the idea of bringing the world of Ethereum to the mobiles. The possibilities will be fantastic. I already enjoyed the time with the team while waiting to be start full time in the new job, the power of working online.

The time at my former employer AKKA in Bremen has been a good time. Okay, the commuting is just useless time and costs, but my colleagues there have been really great. We had a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to meet them again soon on the Freimarkt.