Selling my Fujifilm X-T1

I made a decision, I’m selling my wonderful Fujifilm X-T1 inclusive three prime lenses and some accessories. See list below.

So why am I selling it? After some experiments with different kinds of cameras, e.g. compact and bridge, I discovered the Fujifilm X100. It looked like the right one for the kind of photography I’m doing and I want to do even more and better: street photography, architecture, special impressions having a human perspective. But sadly it hasn’t been deliverable and I tested the X-T1, with the known result.

My list if accessories and lenses growed and I still love this camera, it’s look and feel, the quick way to directly control it. But, and there’s always a but, I didn’t really used it a lot. Only about 4,000 shots. This camera needs to be used more and better than I do. And I tried the X100 again, now the X100F. And it’s the right one. So I’ll switch to this little beauty.

So what am I selling? Take a look here:

  • Fujifilm X-T1
  • Fujifilm XF35 F1.4
  • Fujifilm XF16 F1.4
  • Fujifilm XF90 F2
  • Fujifilm EC-XT L Eyecup
  • Gariz Leather Half Case in brown
  • Fujifilm LC-X Camera Bag
  • Bundlestar Patona Battery
  • Book Die Fujifilm X-T1 by Rico Pfirstinger

You’ll find my classified ad on eBay Or simply contact me directly if interested.