Bought my new Fujifilm X100F

As I said I wanted to sell my Fujifilm X-T1 to switch to old dream – the X100. I decided this way after some observing and thinking about my photography behavior and after testing the new X100F. So after this testing I told my shop Wöltje that I’ll come back after everything is sold and they should already put one silver X100F aside for me.

Now everything is sold. I haven’t been able to sell it as a bundle as planned because of many requests for single lenses. So I sold the XF16 and the XF35 extra. The rest has been sold as one set. And yesterday afternoon I went to my shop again to fetch theX100F. Here I really had luck. After mine they now only got one left in the exhibition and new orders currently aren’t delivered. I took a look at Amazon, they cannot deliver. So many thanks to the Wöltje team for their support.

The next days I’ll experiment with it, write here about it, and present some photograhies on flickr. Additionally I will add the same vintage style stuff as I had for the X-T1: a brown leather half case and a brown leather wrist strap. Additionally I’m thinking about a soft release button, but I’m not sure yet.