OOP 2018 with talk about Ethereum

After not being able to visit the OOP conference in Munich last year I now had a chance again to place a talk about Ethereum, the stuff I’m working on. So on Monday I took a long train ride where I thanks to todays technology has the chance to work in. Sometimes the provided WiFi broke down, but mostly it works. A nice experience, especially with the service on board and the impressions when looking out of the window.

As usual I’ve been a bit tired after my first night in hotel. I always need some time to feel comfortable here. But breakfast has been nice and the walk to the congress center only needed 5 minutes. Registration went fast and I immediately felt familiar again, I like the atmosphere there. And when greeting the organisers I got the great news that I even with having the late time slot on the last day and a parallel talk by the famous Gunter Dueck they had to give me the larger room 13 due to 134 registered visitors. I never had such a big audience and this room.

The conference itself has been fun as usual. The mix of interesting sessions and keynotes, meeting old friends and colleagues, and making new friends between speakers, exhibitors, and visitors is always cool. And surely tat exciting feeling when giving the own talk.

While following the interesting keynote of Richard David Precht short before my talk I got a bit nervous. But after entering the stage and preparing computer and microphone I calmed down and waited for my audience. A few minutes past five the last ones entered and I started. It worked like planned, I had questions during the time and to move one to the time after the talk. This way I ended exactly at 6pm. Beside the questions during my talk also other people asked me about blockchains and Ethereum.

After the Pecha Kucha in the evening the conference ended for me. Only a video call with a job interest, then I felt into bed quite early. Next morning I left Munich and once again used my time in the train for working.

The slides of my talk can be found as usual at SlideShare.