Went online with Hugo

My described configuration based on GitHub and Hugo for this blog does work now. The full stack is now a GitHub repository for the versioned content, rendering of the content from markdown to HTML with Hugo, this inside a Docker container delivering the content with nginx, and another Docker container using gninx as proxy. The tests worked fine. So now the next step by going online and then more and more content.

Hello, Hugo

After my last self-hosted blog software had some troubles and not enough features I’ve moved to Tumblr. But I have to admit I never got warm with it. So I’m now moving back to a self-hosted one: Hugo. Hugo is no real CMS. But based on Markdown files, a theme, and a configuration it generates static files. My configuration now is based on using GitHub as my content repository. So I’m able to follow the same principles like in software development, working with branches, and having a content history.