Started with photo series fiftytwo

I already mentioned that I planned to start a photo series called fiftytwo with my 52nd birthday. These photos will be published on Instagram with the tag #fiftytwo. Additionally they will be added to an album on Flickr. On 3rd of July I had this birthday. So now the photo series is growing and I hope you’ll enjoy my travel through this year of age.

Bought my new Fujifilm X100F

As I said I wanted to sell my Fujifilm X-T1 to switch to old dream – the X100. I decided this way after some observing and thinking about my photography behavior and after testing the new X100F. So after this testing I told my shop Wöltje that I’ll come back after everything is sold and they should already put one silver X100F aside for me. Now everything is sold. I haven’t been able to sell it as a bundle as planned because of many requests for single lenses.

Selling my Fujifilm X-T1

I made a decision, I’m selling my wonderful Fujifilm X-T1 inclusive three prime lenses and some accessories. See list below. So why am I selling it? After some experiments with different kinds of cameras, e.g. compact and bridge, I discovered the Fujifilm X100. It looked like the right one for the kind of photography I’m doing and I want to do even more and better: street photography, architecture, special impressions having a human perspective.


Last year I had a photo series tagged #dailyphoto2016 on Instagram. It has been inspiring, but sometimes also exhausting. There have been days where it has been difficult to find a good subject. So I didn’t continue the series in 2017. Instead I planned a loose sequence tagged #colorsoflife. But sadly without forcing myself I to seldom published new images. What’s even worse is the missing training effect. During the 2016 photo series I learned to have a better and more creative look for different subjects.