Experience 1993—Present :: Experienced Solutions Craftsman / Self-Employed / Oldenburg Articles, book reviews, and conference reports for IT magazines like iX, heise developer, Java Magazin, Linux Enterprise Author of the book Systemprogrammierung in Google Go (System Programing in Google Go) Talks on conferences like OOP, parrallel, DevOps Conference, WebTech Conference Development of open-source software under the label Tideland Consulting for Google Go, Erlang/OTP, Cloud, Mivroservices, Blockchains 2017—2018 :: Senior Software Engineer / Status Research & Development / Remote Implementation of a mobile Ethereum system in a world-wide distributed team Used technologies: Blockchains, Ethereum, Geth, Google Go, GitHub, Git 2016—2017 :: Senior Software Engineer / AKKA / Bremen Architecture and implementation of a logistics management system Used technologies: Microservices, RESTful API, Google Go, JavaScript, CouchDB, JSON Web Token, Linux, Docker, Gogs, GitLab, Git 2016 :: Expert Developer / secucloud / Hanburg Implementation of a scalable security solution Used technologies: Erlang/OTP, Cowboy, CouchDB, InfluxDB, Python, Linux, GitLab, Git, Jira, Jenkins, Ansible, Amazon AWS 2015—2016 :: Distributed Systems Software Engineer / KOBIL / Darmstadt and Worms Architecture and implementation of a cloud-scale secure messaging and identity system Used technologies: Erlang/OTP, Cowboy, JSON Web Token, FreeBSD, GitLab, Git, TeamCity 2011—2015 :: Senior Software Engineer / Canonical / Remote Implementation of Juju, a cloud provisioning and configuration system, in a world-wide distributed team Management of sub-contractors for the development Used technologies: Linux, Google Go, MongoDB, Python, ZooKeeper, Amazon EC2, OpenStack, Azure, MAAS, LXC, GitHub, Git, Bazaar 2006—2011 :: Team Manager and Senior Consultant / BTC / Oldenburg Maintenance and extension of Smalltalk and GemStone/S based configuration management system for telecommunication and networks Analysis and consulting for SOA and software architecture Team Manager with up to 24 team members Trainer for requirements engineering and software cost estimation Used technologies: Smalltalk, GemStrone/S, Java EE/SE, BizTalk, C#, Python 2003—2006 :: Technical Project Manager and System Specialist / Thales / Wilhelmshaven Responsible for the data migration sub-project in a larger military project leading 7 team members Technical Project Manager Management of sub-contractors for the development Member of the sub-project data management and meta data Requirements engineering and software quality assurance Used technologies: Java EE, TopLink, Oracle, WebSphere, Rational Rose, Rational ClearCase 2001—2003 :: Development Director / OpenKnowledge / Oldenburg Development Director leading 15 team members System architecture Implementation and management of development processes, requirements engineering, and quality assurance Organization and execution of the staff training Used technologies: Java EE, Python, JBOSS, Oracle, IDEA 2000—2001 :: VP Software Development / CANBOX / Oldenburg and Boston Vice President Software Development leading 22 team members in Oldenburg, Germany, and Boston, MA, USA System architecture Implementation and management of development processes, requirements engineering and quality assurance Used technologies: Java EE 1999—2000 :: Development Director / RedDot / Oldenburg Development Director for the enterprise edition of the RedDot Content Management System leading 7 team members Software architecture Used technologies: Java EE, POET OODBMS, SNiFF+, Python, CVS 1997—1999 :: System Specialist Unix / Nordwest-Zeitung / Oldenburg System specialist for high-available Unix systems Operation of newspaper production systems, SAP R/3, and mail servers Automation using shell, Python, and Perl scripting Implementation of a system monitoring via SNMP Development and implementation of a trouble ticket system Used technologies: Solaris, OpenVision Axxion-HA, Sun Cluster, Veritas, Oracle, Sybase, Linux, bash, Python, Perl, PostgreSQL, Apache, and more 1991—1997 :: System Specialist / R+V Versicherung / Oldenburg System specialist for mainframe, servers, PCs, networking, and telecommunication Operation of a number of servers running OS/2, AIX, and DPPX Remote operation of mainframes running MVS with TSO, CICS, and DB2 Maintenance of a Token Ring based network Operation of a Siemens Hicom 300 Development of smaller applications in Turbo Pascal and ReXX Education 1987—2000 :: FernUniversität Hagen Computer Science Business Administration Qualifications and Certificates 2008 :: SEI Software Architecture Professional Certificate 2008 :: CMU SEI - Software Architecture Principles and Practices 2008 :: CMU SEI - Software Architecture Design and Analysis 2008 :: CMU SEI - Documenting Software Architecture 2008 :: CMU SEI - Software Product Lines 2008 :: CMU - Introduction to the CMMI Version 1.


Who am I? My name is Frank Müller a.k.a Mue and I’m located in Oldeburg / Germany / Europe / World. Here I’m also born in 1965 and decided to stay because it is such a wonderful town. What do I do? In my main profession I’m a software engineer with now more than 30 years of experience. Additionally since 1999 I’m writing articles in IT magazines and giving talks on conferences.