Open, not closed

These days it happened again. This time it has been Twitter which changed the services it provides and forced external applications to change due to changes of the API. So it more and more follows Facebook to become a propriatary system, closed and best without any external client. But there are definitely better clients than the original one, in my case it’s Tweetbot. This change made me thinking about all those closed systems today.

Business travel to Bangkok

This year in March I had the great opportunity to do a business travel to Bangkok. This city is fascinating, so different from our Western world, even if there are many Western influences. We used one day for the Temples and Bangkok Channels Tour and got many great impressions of the diversity here. My Fujifilm X100F once again showed what a great travel camera it is. I shot a lot of photos, you can see some of them at Flickr.

OOP 2018 with talk about Ethereum

After not being able to visit the OOP conference in Munich last year I now had a chance again to place a talk about Ethereum, the stuff I’m working on. So on Monday I took a long train ride where I thanks to todays technology has the chance to work in. Sometimes the provided WiFi broke down, but mostly it works. A nice experience, especially with the service on board and the impressions when looking out of the window.

Friends of Laphroig 2017

As a Friend of Laphroig the distillary invited me also this year again to purchase two special malts not intended for the regular trading: The Laphroaig Cask Strength Batch 009 and the Laphroaig Càirdeas 2017 Cask Strength QC. I couldn’t say no and ordered both, on Monday they arrived. Now I’m looking forward opening them. But this won’t be the next days. As I already wrote I’m renewing my collection.

Started with photo series fiftytwo

I already mentioned that I planned to start a photo series called fiftytwo with my 52nd birthday. These photos will be published on Instagram with the tag #fiftytwo. Additionally they will be added to an album on Flickr. On 3rd of July I had this birthday. So now the photo series is growing and I hope you’ll enjoy my travel through this year of age.

Bought my new Fujifilm X100F

As I said I wanted to sell my Fujifilm X-T1 to switch to old dream – the X100. I decided this way after some observing and thinking about my photography behavior and after testing the new X100F. So after this testing I told my shop Wöltje that I’ll come back after everything is sold and they should already put one silver X100F aside for me. Now everything is sold. I haven’t been able to sell it as a bundle as planned because of many requests for single lenses.

Selling my Fujifilm X-T1

I made a decision, I’m selling my wonderful Fujifilm X-T1 inclusive three prime lenses and some accessories. See list below. So why am I selling it? After some experiments with different kinds of cameras, e.g. compact and bridge, I discovered the Fujifilm X100. It looked like the right one for the kind of photography I’m doing and I want to do even more and better: street photography, architecture, special impressions having a human perspective.


Last year I had a photo series tagged #dailyphoto2016 on Instagram. It has been inspiring, but sometimes also exhausting. There have been days where it has been difficult to find a good subject. So I didn’t continue the series in 2017. Instead I planned a loose sequence tagged #colorsoflife. But sadly without forcing myself I to seldom published new images. What’s even worse is the missing training effect. During the 2016 photo series I learned to have a better and more creative look for different subjects.

Went online with Hugo

My described configuration based on GitHub and Hugo for this blog does work now. The full stack is now a GitHub repository for the versioned content, rendering of the content from markdown to HTML with Hugo, this inside a Docker container delivering the content with nginx, and another Docker container using gninx as proxy. The tests worked fine. So now the next step by going online and then more and more content.

Two new malts

The special bargains at a discounter here in our city contained also several single malt whiskys. Sadly I alread have got most of them, but two had a good price and fitted into my collection: A Glenfiddich 15yo and a Port Charlotte Scottish Barley. They are not yet opened, will first empty some of my older bottles. One of them has been a Glenrothes Three Decades yesterday. Now I only have got 46 bottles left.

Hello, Hugo

After my last self-hosted blog software had some troubles and not enough features I’ve moved to Tumblr. But I have to admit I never got warm with it. So I’m now moving back to a self-hosted one: Hugo. Hugo is no real CMS. But based on Markdown files, a theme, and a configuration it generates static files. My configuration now is based on using GitHub as my content repository. So I’m able to follow the same principles like in software development, working with branches, and having a content history.